December 28th, 2006

Friday, December 29

Panel 1: I really would like to know the timeline on this. How long has it been since the fire, and is this the first time Deanna has talked to her parents since the night of? Or the first time since before it happened? Personally, I don't fault Mike just for going to check out the damage and having coffee with his friends. Somebody has to go, and if you're going to talk things over, you might as well be inside where it's warm. However, I DO object to the portrayal of each of them: Mike in a cafe with his way cool, not-legally-married, childless friends, and Deanna with a child literally on each hip.

And who wants to bet that this is going to segue into, "No, mom, we don't need to go to your house! No, we're all set up here! Mom!!!!!"

Panel 2: Okay, so the strip matches the retcons for once. But y'know, even one of the Yahoovians suggested that Mike, Dee, Merrie and Robin could all be in the basement, so they could all be together and no one else would have to play musical beds.

Panel 3: And a black thought cloud from April. Ooh, that awful brat. Who does she think she is, yadda yadda. And Deanna is still a climbing tree. Again, basement. After what happened, those kids should not be shunted into a sewing room. They obviously need their parents, especially, dare I say, their laptop-saving father.

Panel 4: You don't look fine, dear.

Panel 5: Oh, this is just sad. She has to keep EVERYTHING inside. Bear up, smile, read stories, smile, swallow her anger and grief, smile, change diapers, smile, cook meals for the guy who she never knows if he's listening, and smile, smile, smile. And no one is ever going to give her a break. Well, maybe Mike will give her A night off to take A bath. Sometime in the spring.