December 26th, 2006

Wednesday, December 27

Panel 1: O RLY? That's what happened? All of a sudden, just like that, with no detours, you were ALL outside?

Panel 2: Yeah, minutes after you called from inside the house. And really, we've gone over the reasons why you shouldn't have run upstairs for the laptop, but now I can add another one: You should have been alerting Weed/Carleen and Lovey. (BTW, I'm still open to the possibility that the silhouetted figure in the window was Weed.)

Panel 3: Oh sweet Jesus, here it comes! At last, at last! Although you're showing some discontinuity here, Mike: You were never outside until after you went up to and came down from the attic.

Panel 4: The laptop AND the book. They still don't get technology. The book was IN the laptop.

Panel 5: Oh, fuck you, Weed. You're the only person he would listen to, and you don't even give him the reaming he deserves. And stop smirking, Carleen. Unless you're laughing at Mike, not Weed. "Sells like a house on fire." Who didn't know that would be said at some point.