December 24th, 2006

Monday, December 25

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! (And everyone else, of course!)

Panel 1: Another retcon discrepancy! And a disturbing one. I imagine the survival rate for people who start fires by smoking in bed is slim. So Melville had to die for his sins against Pattersons? Anyway, how does she know this already?

Panel 2: He turned off the smoke alarm too? Gads, they can't make him awful enough! Does explain how the fire advanced so fast and far from the point we knew about it, though. Who is Deanna talking to, anyway? Elly is preoccupied, and John is not in the frame. Have John and Elly quietly agreed that Deanna, like all women, is hysterical, and should simply be allowed to babble on while they take no notice?

Panel 3: She sure looks distraught. I hope Elly doesn't just tell her not to worry, therefore implying that Mike did the right thing, or only committed a minor transgression. And is this an indication that Mike is still at the hospital? Another discrepancy! Also, it didn't look like "just in time" in Saturday's strip, but whatever.

Panel 4: Oh, so Elly is just going to gloss over Mike's laptop mission. I mean, doesn't it even bother HER that her SON went back into a burning apartment? Jeez, I can just hear my mom, or my MIL. "WHAT?! Cookie went back to get WHAT?"/"Cookie Monster did WHAT?! And you LET HIM?!"

Panel 5: Up yours, Elly. And for that matter, slightly up yours, Deanna, for not saying, "Yes, but..."

Anyway, merry Christmas, fellow snarkers!