December 21st, 2006

January retcons

I'd like to keep this on the q.t. If you can find the relevant post in the previous entry, and follow the instructions, have at it.

And today's strip may have spillover, like the "Where is he" strip did a few weeks ago, so this thread will take care of that, too.

Friday, December 22

Panel 1: And there you have it. "I want Daddy!" I'm mildly surprised he's a priority with Merrie, though.

Panel 2: Who is that figure lurking in the window? And for god's sake, Deanna has one hand on Merrie's head, where she could just as easily push her as hold her up, and Robin under her arm like an animal. She's panicking, and I don't blame her. She shouldn't be worrying that she'll never see her husband alive again at the same time that she's doing this.

Panel 3: Confirmation that it's the Evil Kelpfroths, of course. And how's she going to answer that question? Is anyone going to think of Lovey? And are Weed and Carleen vulnerable? I'm honestly unclear on that setup.

Panel 4: Perfect setup for the firefighter to say, "He went to get his WHAT?" He won't, of course.

Panel 5: Okay.

Okay. We can at least take comfort in someone having said that.