December 20th, 2006

Thursday, December 21

I just realized something. Well, actually, I was pointed in this direction by someone on JoshReads called Concerned Citizen, who said, "1000000 to 1that it is the newspaper burning and Mike will realize that all of their existence can be used to line bird cages, cat boxes, and to start BBQ fires. Wait…I smell smoke…OH SHIT!"

Now, remember years ago, when the train display was destroyed on Hallowe'en night, because John thought it was okay to leave it in the front yard, on the grounds that "It's such a nice little thing...I don't think anyone will touch it!" And when the family rushed out to see it in ruins, he picked up a train car and said, "Isn't it amazing how things that take years to build are destroyed so quickly."

And that's just John. I say, better than even money that Mike, or rather his muse, will have some deep, profound observation about the fire. Like, "The objects that sustain us, need us to sustain them." Or...hell, I don't know; I'm not brilliant like him. But there will be a grand pronouncement from him before all this is resolved.


Okay, on to the strip!

Panel 1: Okay, for a second, I thought Deanna meant they were just changing rooms. Then I realized that the master bedroom must be where the fire escape is (why? Shouldn't it be in a common area?). Beyond that, though, I KNEW it would be like this. Deanna would try to convince the kids to leave the house, instead of just grabbing them and going. But at least Mike's got Robin, so Deanna's not doing this all on her own. And Robin looks scared, poor kid.

Panel 2: OH.


Well, we've all already said it.

And I forgot to say, Merrie and Robin look like...well, pigs. Sorry, I know that's not nice, but it's their noses. They really look porcine.

Panel 3: Okay...(Cookie blows pitch pipe) "O come all ye faiiiiiiithfullllll...Joyful and triummmmmmmmphant...."

Panel 4: I...

Okay, just in case someone's reading this for the first time, I'll recap. Offsite backups. Mail it to yourself. Elly has an earlier draft. The laptop is the important thing anyway, not the hard copy.