December 18th, 2006

Tuesday, December 19

Panel 1: Ah, the old, old story. You know, they could do what Cookie Monster and I do. Have the marital duties, cuddle and say goodnight when one spouse goes to bed, then the other spouse goes back into the office and resumes what they were doing. Mike puts off Deanna (and his kids) like people put off washing the floor. Just something that can wait, until the exact right time, any day now.

And when he says he's "so close to finishing", does he mean he's an hour away from being finished with the entire manuscript? Or just that there will only be a few more days (weeks, months) of total immersion before it's all done?

Panel 2: And Dee slinks silently away. Or she's still standing there, just out of frame, and Mike wouldn't know the difference. And wouldn't you think that a creative person like Mike would have a more esoteric calendar than awkwardly rendered snowpersons?

Panel 3: Oh, so it's really finished! Well, I have to say I can't snark; I know the feeling. I also know what it's like to have eight rejection letters from agents, though. Which of course will not happen to Mike. In the FOOBiverse, you set out to do something, you immediately get rewarded.

Panel 4: Shut. The fuck. Up.

Panel 5: OH MY GOD. IT'S HAPPENING. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING. A foreshadowing bears fruit.

And in all seriousness, I don't want to see Mike's manuscript go up in smoke. Regardless of how crappy it is, I know the feeling. A while back, my computer crashed, and I lost everything in my word file. EVERYTHING. Now, of course I had backed up my manuscript, so that was okay, but when I did that, I was ONLY thinking in terms of the manuscript. I had never thought I'd lose the entire program. So I lost:

-- My notes for other stories

-- Critiques on my manuscript, from other people

-- Other people's stories that I'd read and enjoyed (I was able to get one person to resend me her story, but the others are gone, vanished, history)

-- Short stories I'd written (I did have hard copies of those, thankfully)

-- Personal email exchanges I'd saved, ironically because I didn't trust Hotmail!

-- Some other stuff, too complicated to go into, but impossible to recreate from memory

So I don't want to see Mike's manuscript burn. If he has any sense, he can just pop it in a plastic bag or something, on his way to saving his kids; he can do both. And yes, I do have a contingency plan in case of fire or robbery. And my FIL has a hard copy of the manuscript, so I just have to hope HIS house doesn't burn down or get burgled.