December 17th, 2006

Monday, December 18

Panel 1: I figured it would be the Pattersons Redux. We may not see Paul ever again, you know. I think we've done denial; I KNOW we've done anger. Bargaining is useless, and we should know better than depression. So let's skip ahead to acceptance.

Anyway. Ah, the Santa myth. Personally, I think "Magic!" is a pretty good explanation. Beats breaking and entering, certainly. And is this supposed to be 12/18, like it is for us, or Christmas Eve already? Also, Merrie sure has a big bed. And that stuffed animal in the foreground looks like Snoopy at first glance. Deliberate homage?

Panel 2: Well, that's true!

Panel 3: Hey, perhaps Santa could go through the pipes and come up in the po! I slay me! Or is that "sleigh"?

Panel 4: Again, Merrie looks like a teenager.

Panel 5: Actually, it's not magic. It's spending time with your kid, willingly, and getting to know what makes her tick.

I have a dreadful sinking feeling that this week is going to be about Mike an' Dee trying to work around the fact that they can't afford a lot of presents for their kid because they are soooooooo poooooooor. We'll see.