December 16th, 2006

Sunday, December 17

Panel 1: I saw this in the Sunday paper already, and that is the only way I know that it's Liz in this first panel. Holy Elly-Butt.

Panel 2: So Liz and April are on a gift-wrapping mission, looks like. Not sure why they look so smug, or why their faces are so flat, or why the perspective is so odd.

Panel 3: Whoa, trippy!

Panel 4: But I don't get it. Why is the music audible to Liz if April has earbuds in?

Panel 5: I wonder who drew this. Late '60s/early '70s psychedelics and '90s silhouettes. And Liz's hair is coming down, literally!

Panel 6: Here's a hint, April: Open your eyes when you're using scissors. Unless you're wrapping a very small package, you're cutting in the wrong spot. Actually, I don't know why you're cutting at all without measuring against the item to be wrapped.

Panel 7: The now-inevitable question: John or Elly?

Panel 8: Ha, ha, ha. To be fair, though, as ridiculous as Liz appears, shaking that box with no apparent regard for the contents, it's nice to see that she and April like the same music. My much-older sister DESPISES rap music, with the fire of a thousand C/W fans. So I'm glad Liz and April have some common ground.