December 7th, 2006

Friday, December 8

Panel 1: All right; she's layin' it on the line! And no, April, the door being open does not negate the need for privacy. The instant you heard Paul's name, you should have booked out. I also like this shot: they almost look like that optical illusion where it goes from two faces to a candlestick, or whatever it is.

Panel 2: What I said. Although, if Liz really wants privacy, she could get her own place. Anyway, I thought she was in the habit of closing her door. Still, April was out of line. More on that later.

Panel 3: I can see this is going to go nowhere. Neither of them will compromise. Real mature, BTW, April. And what do you get out of this anyway? (Again, more later.)

Panel 4: Oh. my. god. another. POOP JOKE!

Panel 5: Although yelling for Daddy is not the height of maturity either. And typical of John to declare neutrality when it's Liz's nerves being worked, whereas if April was the one with a grievance, he'd probably send Liz to bed without dinner or something.

Now for my "later". I held off on addressing this until now. I fully understand about those of you who banter with your siblings, but that's not the case here, seems to me. April has been shown, again and again and again, to be an eavesdropper, a bigmouth, and a pawer-through of Liz's possessions. The worst infraction was back in '03, when April blabbed to Anthony that Liz was trying to dig up a date for his wedding because Warren was unavailable. It would seem that Liz never found out about this, otherwise I can't imagine that she would have let it slide.

But perhaps she would. The other side of the coin is that Liz never drew the line. She never retaliated, and she never took steps to keep her private business private. There was one instance, when Liz was still in high school, when she declined to share an email with Mike, on the grounds that "You're a blabbermouth. You always tell mom." But then April went whining to Jim, who stuck his dentures out at Liz, and that was the end of it.

I'm just saying that what you guys were describing earlier is not what happens in the House of Patterson. It's not back-and-forth; it's always April being a pain in the ass, and Liz shrieking about it and then letting it keep happening.