December 3rd, 2006

Monday, December 4

Panel 1: Waitaminit -- Weed lives in the same building? I thought he lived next door? Or is this a matter of, he does live next door, but this is the way Mike usually greets him: by standing in the front hallway and hollering? If so, I hope no one else lives in the building. You know, people who don't understand that there's Patterson manners, and Everybody Else manners.

Panel 2: I can practically read Weed's mind. "Oh, jeez, not this again; I thought I'd heard the last of it two years ago!" It wouldn't surprise, me, though, if Mike never told Weed that Ned was missing, after he gave Weed such a hard time about allegedly not taking good enough care of him. And I'm still not clear on whether Mike knew before now that Ned had been flushed.

Panel 3: Oh cripes; yet another euphemism for toilet. Is Merrie bragging or apologizing? And Mike looks ten years old.

Panel 4: Yeah! Go Weed! Make Mike claw your eyes out over his stupid ironic-statement toy that he should have gotten over already! Although I'm not sure how Weed can claim ownership at this point. Still, Mike has got to realize that this is not. worth. fighting over.

Panel 5: Oh, whatever. I'm just wondering if Ned has been properly decontaminated. Or if he CAN be decontaminated. As I said last week, Ned went the same way as this strip, and the strip can't be retrieved at this point.