December 2nd, 2006

Sunday, December 3

Panel 1: More Patterspawn. Sweet little pastoral scene of wee ones looking at the snow. But where are they? This does not look like the Patterson manse, and it's certainly not the Apartment of Squalor.

Panel 2: Merrie looks terrified for some reason. What does she see, the Abominable Snowmonster?

Panel 3: Now Merrie is terrifying! And god, her ass takes up the whole corner of the frame! Also, is Robin really big or is the chair really small?

Panel 4: Looks like there's no pleasing Merrie. And is she really half Deanna's height?

Panel 5: Merrie has had a facial expression inappropriate to the situation in every panel so far. Well, the ones where we've seen her face, at any rate.

Panel 6: I will say this: Pattersons may be the only comic strip characters with five fingers. However, that boot is oddly drawn; for a second, I thought it was a rolled-up sock.

Panel 7: Very odd perspective...

Panel 8: Patterson Butt Syndrome...

Panel 9: Okay, so did it take that long to get dressed? Or did the weather change in a matter of seconds? Anyway, Deanna, you don't live in a barn (much as you probably wish you did, to increase the martyr factor). Close the damn door!