November 29th, 2006

Thursday, November 30

Panel 1: Well, Mike, you live in a crappy, run-down building, and your landlady does not have a repair service on retainer (assuming that's not unheard-of in Canada; I remember the bit about security deposits). You can't do simple home repairs (I wonder how long it was before that porch you "fixed" fell apart), and in fact, you tend to make a bad situation worse (how hard can it be to unflush a sock?!). Ever think about moving to a HOUSE? I know a guy who will give you a sweet deal.

Also, when did this bathroom get so huge?

Panel 2: Shoot, Deanna should be the go-to person for repairs. Except Mike wouldn't let her, because he is the Man of the House, and if he didn't SNAFU tasks like this, he'd have nothing to martyr himself about. And please don't let this end with a thought bubble from Merrie picturing a snake slithering out of the toilet. ETA: And why is Deanna using an interrobang? Could it be that she's aggravated at Mike for not thinking of this earlier?

Panel 3: "An article to finish editing to do"? Yeah, you're just the man for that job! And gee, I wonder what else CAN go wrong? And the microwave's broken?! How does that happen?*

Panel 4: Yep. Well, whatever. Use Lovey's bathroom. That might inspire her to step up to the plate and act like a freaking property owner.

*A few years ago, our nuke decided to break down by degrees; it would shut itself off randomly during the heating process. We finally had to get a new one when it refused to stay on for more than ten seconds at a time. But I've never heard of a nuke breaking just like that, unless someone actively damaged it. Like when my mom yanked the door open and broke the hinge.