November 23rd, 2006

Friday, November 24

Panel 1: Oh for lord's sake. Sylvia (not too far off from Shannon) was probably just checking in with you as a courtesy. But there you go, bringing "your friend, Anthony" into it. And Elly is standing there so proud.

Panel 2: WTF? Did they not cross-examine Liz, after all? It would appear that way, judging by the about-to-puke set of her face -- or is that just her lips?

Panel 3: Another retcon! And, not trying to start an argument, but why is Elly proud of Liz for doing the sensible thing even if it takes effort and going outside her comfort zone? Did I just answer my own question?

Panel 4: Well, okay then. Yes, it does take courage. And personally (this is another one for qn) I'd be afraid of the opposing counsel twisting my words while I was on the stand. Does that happen often? Not that it would stop me from testifying; just asking.

Panel 5: Oh brother. Elly's Quakeresque appearance is all the comment necessary.