November 21st, 2006

Wednesday, November 22

Panel 1: Huh. No cross-examination. Further evidence that "Anthony is sooooooo wonderful!" is the last word on the incident. And I could make something of Liz's comment in this panel, but I won't.

Panel 2: Whoa! Somebody finally said it! Wonder who she is and why she calls them by their first names, though.

Panel 3: And it's "I", not "we". Thank heavens.

Panel 4: [Mike and the Bots]AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA![/Mike and the Bots] And he's on? Is Shannon going to offer him bottled water on his way in?

Panel 5: Now, what the hey does he mean by that? Doesn't understand his feelings for Liz? Can't interpret her actions towards him? Doesn't know how anyone could be all mean an' stuff to her the way Howard was? ETA: Also, I'm not clear on why Liz's expression is so joyous. Because her role in the trial is over? Granthony's is not. Is she rejoicing because she knows he'll save the day again? Will we see his testimony, for that matter?

At any rate, it is once again clear that this is all. about. Lizthony 4-Evah.