November 18th, 2006

Sunday, November 19

Panel 1: Oh great, an Elly strip. Actually, though, I might not have cause for complaint. For the first time in, well, ever, she looks like a dignified middle-aged woman instead of an arm-flapping shrew.

Panel 2: Up the steps of an important-looking building with a briefcase? Could it be that...

Panel 3: Some kind of course. They listened to us again!

Panel 4: Okay, she's leaving again. Supposedly inspired? Is that why we see her pushing against the wind?

Panel 5: A fundraiser! "Fun-ding" is almost Dilbertian. But who are these people? Students in another of her courses?

Panel 6: Donating books. She's all involved!

Panel 7: And doing the treadmill! Does she realize that no matter how long she jogs, there'll never be a donut shop? But she should keep the ponytail.

Panel 8: Yeah, I figured it would come to that. Well, April, you were the one who begged to be allowed to cook, three years ago. In fact, those were the exact words: "Maybe when you're 15." "What's three years?" And now you are 15, with the Lips of Loveliness, and you're griping about having to make the mac an' cheese. Whatever. But you got one thing right: Elly WAS home more when she was working!