November 17th, 2006

Saturday, November 18

Panel 1: Okay, why exactly is Elly screaming? Shiimsa's not hurting anything at the moment, as far as I can see. Does she have ailurophobia*? Or is it that she's angry because Liz won't take responsibility for her cat? At any rate, I predict that by the last panel, Elly will have something valid to scream about.

Panel 2: Cripes, even John has Patterson butt. What is he doing, semaphore? He should have just gone to Liz's room and said, "Come downstairs and take care of your damned cat." Liz might remember Viv's trick with the string. Or she could open a can of tuna and put it on the floor. I don't see what good this is going to do.

Panel 3: Okay, she's down. Not sure why she uses John as a means of descent, though.

Panel 4: Oh lord, he's going to fall. And normally, I give the Lynnions some slack for how they draw Shiimsa, but in this panel, she truly looks deformed.

Panel 5: Oh, come on. He can't be that torn up. And what's the big deal if she's scampering away.

Panel 6: No, all it takes is the person who owns the freaking cat.

*Thanks to Charles Schulz, I know the term for fear of cats!