November 12th, 2006

Monday, November 13

Panel 1: Okay, they're going to lunch. Well, actually "for" lunch, so that sounds less like a date. Still, Liz's stance and facial expression make her look like a little girl who's about to be treated to McDonald's.

Panel 2: And Francoise is about to be brought into it. Man, I can only hope Liz is going to mention Paul at such a time and in such a way as to bring Granthony's whole world crashing down.

Panel 3: Well, yeah. For one thing, she's changed from an infant to a toddler. Does Granthony think Liz has never seen a child grow? April, for instance? (She did change physically, even if she stayed in the Aypo phase way too long.) His selling of his ready-made family is just excruciating.

Panel 4: She looks a bit like Aypo, too. And she's talking coherently, at, what, one and a half? Why can't Patterspawn do that?

Panel 5: Bye, Paul. Give Chipper my best.

Oh, and for what it's worth, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just published the results of their comics survey. Guess which strip was #1 with readers 55 and older?