November 10th, 2006

Saturday, November 11

Don't forget to thank a veteran!

Panel 1: All right: some exposition! And they're leaving the courthouse, so it'll be The Courtship of Francoise's Father for the next week at least.

Panel 2: Okay, Anthony's comment is accurate, if a bit inane (few things are the way they are on television), but I don't get Liz's second talk balloon. If she means TV trials in "the old days" (and I hope she's aware that TV in the home only got started shortly after WWII) were accurate portrayals of their then-current counterparts, I hardly think Perry Mason was true to life. If she means what's on TV now...I'm getting a headache. But it doesn't surprise me a bit that Liz would think what she sees on TV or in a movie is to be taken at face value.

Panel 3: Oh, puh-leeze. Did they broadcast the OJ trial in Canada? ETA: Okay, now I know. Well, first of all, there were sidebars every freakin' day...

Panel 4: True.

Panel 5: And another final panel that can be taken two ways. Poor Granthony, having to wait and wait for...what, for cryin' out loud? As someone said yesterday, SPEAK UP ALREADY. Or forever hold thy peace.

Actually, I've thought of another way to look at the Has Liz Told Granthony About Paul conundrum. Perhaps she really hasn't, and that's because it's meant to be a bombshell when she does tell him. It might force her into a decision (pleasepleaseplease). I mean, something has to give, right?