November 5th, 2006

Monday, November 6

What the frack is wrong with Yahoo comics?

Panel 1: Gee, the Dutiful Son Visit sure was fortuitiously timed, wasn't it? "Stay in touch"? Isn't that what Liz said she doubted would happen with Warren? What good is writing to someone who probably lost his ability to read? Well, Iris can read the letters/emails to him. But what good is calling someone who can't talk? And that's assuming he'll do either of those things. Jim has a very "Yeah right" expression.

Panel 2: Jim looks like death is putting its clammy hand on his shoulder right now.

Panel 3: My god. Even Phil looks like Elly from this angle. I don't blame Jim for flinching.

Panel 4: Jim is in ominous silhouette, with a very fragile hand. Phil doesn't even have matching eyes. What are they doing with their hands, anyway?

Panel 5: Aw gee. Look how accepting Jim is; how grateful for the tiniest shred of mercy. He can't walk, or talk properly, or feed himself, but he can shed tears! What a blessing! Why. Couldn't. Lynn. Have let him. Die?