November 2nd, 2006

Friday, November 3

"An'"s: Two. And I'm sorry I forgot to catalogue the two "an'"s yesterday. I would also like to apologize in advance for the language. If you're reading this at work or school, have a care.

Panel 1: Okay, who had money on this? Becky breaks down and April goes after her. Did she muddle through the set, or just give up and run off stage? If the latter, of course it's not a bit inconsistent that someone so driven would not even try to salvage the performance.

Panel 2: Jeremy flaked? Well, wouldn't someone have been aware of that earlier? And again, I have a hard time believing that these band members, plural all of a sudden, developed such bad substance abuse problems on such short notice, just in time to derail Becky's hometown performance? I mean, according to the letters, they've been touring with her, and either they never did this on location, or if they did, they wouldn't still be in the band. And is Lynn aware that people haven't said "stoned" to mean drunk since the '50s, and it now means high on drugs?

Anyway, Phil is being briefed, so now we know it's up to 4E&E and the FVHaP to save the day.

Panel 3: Okay, so she did perform. Well, that's something. Now April will have something comforting to say. And to be fair, what Jim said after April's guitar string broke was true and good advice: things go wrong in live performances, it's always something different, and you just have to forge on. Not that April will put it that way, of course. Instead, it'll be to the effect of, "Well, you've been a real bitch and this is what you get, but we still love you."

Panel 4: Eva's there too? Why? Just to revel in Becky's downfall? And props to Becky for voicing her thoughts. Sort of. Because letting her guard down just makes her more vulnerable to Patterson sanctimony, and telegraphs her karmic retribution. Also, I absolutely refuse to believe that nothing went wrong ever all the other times she's performed.

Panel 5: Oh, fuck you April and Eva. Fuck you with a rusty chainsaw. How did you carry on, April, when the same thing happened to you? How dare you pass judgement on Becky? And Eva, why are you even there? You HATE Becky! And she doesn't even know you! You don't want her to feel better; you just want a ringside seat for her humiliation! Why don't you flush her wig down the toilet while you're in there?

Ugh, I'm glad I have something to slightly take the taste away. First, here's someone playing a for-real flexible, valveless hose-a-phonium. Starts at about 1:55. Second, a poster on Comics Curmudgeon named Jonnya created this version of 4E&E's Hallowe'en song.