October 28th, 2006

Sunday, October 29

Don't forget to Fall Back!

Panel 1: Okay, that is freaky. I assume this is John and Elly, but since neither of them appears to be driving, it gives the impression that they're on an express train to hell.

Panel 2: Oh, it was a cab. Guess neither of them wanted to be the designated driver. Odd to think of either of them drinking, though. Elly seems like she would be totally abstemious nowadays, and I seem to recall John getting pretty messed up at parties, in years gone by.

Panel 3: Oh cripes. And John's not even the only one in drag at this party. Another odd thing: I remember him being utterly mortified when the ONLY costume available for him for a costume party was a tutu, or fairy costume, or something. And incidentally, when a guy is over 50, drag kind of ceases to be funny. See, when a woman dresses as a man, she looks younger. When a man dresses as a woman, he looks older. So this gender switching is good for Elly (sort of) but bad for John.

Panel 4: Oh dear god. John moons the crowd? Why aren't all the silhouettes screaming and running away?

Panel 5: Yeah, we get it, we get it. And I just now realized that Elly in drag looks like Granthony!!!

Panel 6: Someone with visible teeth. Obviously not one of John's patients. Wonder if anyone's tried to pop her grapes? (I think it's a woman.) Or perhaps this is one of the Fruit of the Loom guys.

Panel 7: And more drag. Wonder if she twiddles that mustache?

Panel 8: ??? Remorse? They didn't REALLY think it was funny?

Panel 9: Uh...okay. One would think that if the coconuts were uncomfortable, they would have been uncomfortable all night, not starting when they left the party. Hallowe'en costumes generally start malfunctioning early, like when my friend dressed as Xena, and didn't last an hour before the breastplate cutting into her skin became unbearable. (She borrowed a leather jacket.) So another "John tries something new, gets hurt and has to be tended to by Elly" Sunday strip. Wuddever.