October 24th, 2006

Wednesday, October 25

"An'"s: Five.

Panel 1: A midweek switch! Guess they figured the Saturday strips were dangerously close to being conclusive. So we get left hanging with Phil's opportunity/real estate comment that few people can even put in any kind of context, and we've moved on to April's baby band. Seriously, this sounds like a really babyish song. Not that that will stop them from triumphing over RebeccaH on Halloween night, of course.

Panel 2: Another explosion in the background. Luis's hand makes him look like he's already dead.

Panel 3: Well, I was going to say, no wonder Becky left. But he may be right.

Panel 4: Then again...And how come Eva can say that, but Becky had to put up or shut up? Still, go Eva! Anyone who can take Gerald down a peg is okay with me.

Panel 5: Whatever.