October 23rd, 2006

Tuesday, October 24

Panel 1: See, here we go again. How are Elly and Phil lucky? Jim is the lucky one -- to have at least one person who cares enough about him to devote herself to his care, and who would continue doing it even if it proved to be beyond her capability. (I phrase that as a hypothetical, since in the FOOBiverse, capability is a very elastic quality, meeting or falling short of need as the plot demands.) Anyway, Phil doesn't look so awful at this distance.

Panel 2: Yes, it is nice. Interesting how it falls entirely to Phil to make the journey, and how it takes a medical crisis to get him out of his comfort zone. My mom and one of her sisters spent more than a decade essentially estranged, except for Christmas cards and information passed along by the third sister, because each of them was adamant that it was the OTHER one's responsibility to travel across six states.

Panel 3: I can hear it now. "Who's Georgia? Has she ever appeared in the strip? Is she a retcon?" Are we going to get an explanation as to WHY they left so abruptly after buying that house, that John and Elly helped them move into?

Panel 4: Okay, so the teaching offer was once-in-a-lifetime. Does this music institute exist, and is it really that exclusive? Just curious. And I feel a visual gag coming on. And Elly shouldn't be grabbing Phil's arm like that while he's driving.

Panel 5: I don't get it, and I'm not sure I care.