October 20th, 2006

Saturday, October 21

Panel 1: Just like that, eh? Or have we had a time jump? As others have said, it's ridiculous to think that he would be released simply because Iris was distraught and begged to take him home. The fact that they have to tell him everything that's happening should be a red flag. And Jim looks different in the face. Not more infirm, just like a totally different person. More like a Herman character than a FOOB character.

Panel 2: And the letters again. The bathroom should already have had accomodations, and if it had to be retrofitted, it wouldn't have been John and Michaelagh doing it.

Panel 3: Twice a day? Well, I don't know enough about Canadian health care, so I'll let someone else field that one.

Panel 4: Sad. But y'know, the best way for him to Get Well Again would be for him to stay in the frakking hospital.

And I wonder what it'll be on Monday. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if we're left with this for a week or two. From a FOOB perspective, Iris hoping or praying or whatever she's doing could well be seen as closure.