October 18th, 2006

Thursday, October 20

Panel 1: Okay, so we're going to see Phil interact with Jim. These strips are really out of sequence, though. This should have been Monday. And Iris is finally letting Jim have food that's not 100% super-healthy! (Of course, hospitals are big on pudding, since you don't have to chew it.)

Panel 2: Okay, we're not going to see Jim fail to recognize Phil. And more odd phrasing -- "Surely"?

Panel 3: "Surely" it's a given that a stroke victim will need therapy, is it not? I mean, Shannon already told us. And is this news so urgent that the doc or whatever he is has to interrupt mealtime? And I thought Elly said Jim could use his legs. But then Elly tends toward unique interpretations of whatever's happening.

Panel 4: See? Brains don't just "heal". And someone finally came out and said it: he's regressed.

Panel 5: Well, really, Iris. That's hilarious, coming from the person who's been treating her husband like a child for years. He never wanted to be one: that's what you wanted for him.