October 17th, 2006

Wednesday, October 18

Panel 1: Well, at last! Confirmation that Liz knows about Jim having a stroke, and that her storyline is not in an alternate universe! I wonder, though: is it late enough now for people to be asleep before they get woken up by trumpet-mouthpiece sounds?

Panel 2: And now the summation. I wonder, though, why Jim would take a shower instead of being given a sponge bath.

Panel 3: Now why would he think that? And why did the letters have to be posted so early, and cover everything that's happening in the strip now?

Panel 4: I like Elly's pose, but why does Liz have to look like a glass-eyed doll?

Panel 5: Indeed. Why, oh why couldn't Jim have gone quickly and quietly? If Lynn pursues a let's-rehab-Jim storyline, she'll have to either give it short shrift, or neglect other storylines. Why even get into this?