October 16th, 2006

Tuesday, October 17

Panel 1: More support for Elly's theory that the train house would deprive her of family togetherness. Although with Liz moved in, do they still have an extra room? Anyway, what Phil says makes sense, but you know Elly is still going to be offended.

Panel 2: Aha! Another tie-in with the letters. We've had the discussion before about using the mouthpiece vs. practicing all-out, but if anyone wants to revisit it, go ahead. (I thought there was some kind of muting device you can put in the bell...)

Panel 3: Huh? Is this a flashback or flash forward?

Panel 4: Yeah, Phil always was down! It's times like this when I wish they'd have sound files instead of that lame-ass animation. We could hear Phil's stylings, 4-Evah and Eva's cacophony and Becky's singing (so we could judge for ourselves) and in non-musical strips, ambient noise like wind whistling through the leaves or...I dunno, the wind whistling through Liz's head.

Panel 5: Ha, ha. For a second, I thought these two were going to go Kelpfroth; they certainly look like them. And since we're taking a humor break, it appears that Jim is going to linger for a long time. Probably until the end of the strip.