October 10th, 2006

Wednesday, October 11

Panel 1: Where are those shadows coming from? Why is the guy calling her by her first name? And for that matter, "please relax" sounds as if it's for their sake. And she does look tense; I'll give her that. Her hands are gripping the arm rests, and that's an odd position her feet are in. And is it really "relaxing" to be wedged in a corner?

Panel 2: Well, somebody's done some research for once! The crucial going-after strip was published on August 11th! http://www.fborfw.com/strip_fix/archives/001330.php That said, it sounds like Liz is undergoing past-life regression, and she's going to remember that she was once Bridie Murphy. Look at her: she's so scared her earrings even lost their color!

Panel 3: What?


So we don't get the drama of Liz describing the going-after In Her Own Words. Why did I even think this was going to be about anything other than Anthony comforting her, WITH HIS HAND ON HER SHOULDER, after the ordeal of the deposition? And of course, we get that exposition from Granthony, instead of him saying, "How was it?"

Panel 4: First of all, I wonder what the image was that triggered Liz's memory -- Howard's mug shot, maybe? And what a gratuitous setup for Granthony's thought balloon. And as for that thought balloon, okay, Granthony's obsessed, I hate him, I can't believe we're expected to swallow this. But...when did what he's picturing happen? Don't tell me they kissed after he said "WAIT FOR ME!!"

And why are they tilted like that, and how can Granthony get his leg that far back while his hand is in his pocket?

P.S. Wikipedia spells it "Bridey Murphy", but here's the link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridey_Murphy