October 9th, 2006

Tuesday, October 10

Panel 1: Jeez, she's really anxious, judging by the exclamation point rather than a question mark. Hey, Liz, if you have to go to the bathroom, I'm sure you can find your way there and back without 'Stache. But at least they are being questioned separately, so some aspect of this makes some kind of sense.

Panel 2: They're touching fingertips. And I'm wondering who was questioning him. And they're touching fingertips. And bright blue pants with a moss-green sweater? And they're touching fingertips. And I wonder if they asked him WHY he was at the garden centre. And they're touching fingertips.

Panel 3: Jeez, is there anything that doesn't send Liz into a tailspin? I once had to have a psych eval for a job (long story) and I was glad of the presence of cameras, since that meant if it came to it, no one could claim I did or said anything I didn't say or do.

Panel 4: Oh, of course. Jeez, Liz is regressing further and further every day. And I wonder what Anthony's answer would be. Heck, I bet someone will download frames from this video and paste them up in his cubicle. And then they'll make the email rounds of every cop shop in Canada, and Paul will pull up his new messages and say, "HEY!!!"