October 8th, 2006

Monday, October 9

Panel 1: Okay, we're back to Liz. But we're skipping right over her reaction to Jim's stroke! Come on, people. There's no excuse for this. Just one offhand remark -- "I just talked to Liz" or "My sister cried when she heard and I feel bad that I haven't yet" -- would be enough to acknowledge her. It is not. that. difficult.

Anyway, so here she is with Granthony. And she's wearing a flat gather! Nice! And Anthony can't keep his eyes off her. Actually, she looks like a little kid. I'll leave it to the legal experts whether or not they should be doing whatever they're doing in tandem. Bottom line is, they have to be thrown together as much as possible.

Panel 2: Huh. I'd thought Anthony was wearing a blazer, but it's a sweater. Green, too, so he looks even more like Ned Flanders. And have we just been given notice that there won't be a verdict until the end of the strip? And Liz still looks ten years old. And she and Anthony are synchronizing their responses. Gee, I wonder if that means anything.

Panel 3: That guy has disturbingly skinny fingers for such a large person. And we get it: Liz Can't Leave.

Panel 4: Ha, ha. Lynn has never used that device before. And Liz is wearing red shoes -- the hussy! But...with a maroon skirt and beige sweater? Crimeny, what are these colorists on?

So all this is going to be Liz and Granthony talking around, past and under the idea of Getting Back Together*, without anything, you know, interesting like a trial. This is gonna be a fun week.

*I hate that phrase so much. Not just in this context, but in general. If people are no longer together, usually it's because there was a rift that simply cannot be repaired. You can't put an egg back in its shell.