October 7th, 2006

Sunday, October 8

Panel 1: So this is why Liz moved home. So she can get Wide-Load Elly to bring her tea, or coffee, or whatever that is. She looks awfully traumatized, too. Are we to assume that she knows about Jim, and she's praying about him?

Panel 2: So they're settling in to watch something. Liz gets to hold the remote, too. I'm 36, and I still don't get control of the remote at my parents' house. Not that I want it; I'm just saying.

Panel 3: So they're vegging out. I like the spilled kernels of popcorn for that little homey touch.

Panel 4: What the hey? Arm-flapping's not enough; now Elly has to twiddle her chin?

Panel 5: Gads, what a grotesque profile! And is this couch new? I don't recall seeing it before.

Panel 6: I'm not sure twiddling makes noise, but what the heck is she doing it for? Lynn must have been having a really bad day to draw Elly looking like this.

Panel 7: Yeah, enough already!

Panel 8: Although I would think Liz is old enough that she can express herself without screaming so violently that her Sensible Schoolmarm earring flies off.

Panel 9: Ugh, again. And was she trying to pluck it, or just playing with it for the heck of it? I can almost relate, because a couple weeks ago, I had a hair growing out of my mole that I could not get for the life of me. I couldn't get hold of it with tweezers or my nails, and when I asked Cookie Monster to pluck it for me, he fiddled around and finally said he couldn't get it either. So I worked on it, off and on, and one night it came right out -- poit! on my first attempt. But for all that, all my manipulating of it was for the purpose of removing it! And I didn't do this in front of other people, either. Whereas Elly's twiddling wasn't even focused in the area where we now see the hair is. So it looks like she was just playing with it. And that is guh-ross.