October 3rd, 2006

Wednesday, October 4

Panel 1: What the hey? An earthquake? Or just that guy walking heavily? I do see a red starburst under his right foot. I think we've seen him before, too -- first day of high school, perhaps?

Panel 2: ??? Is he deliberately picking a fight?

Panel 3: Oh, we're just getting a statement about overloaded bookbags.

Panel 4: I can't wait to see the animation on this.

Panel 5: Oh, my sides. Anyway, I thought satchels were the new thing.

This is ridiculous. Why is the narrative so disjointed? I mean, at the very least, you'd think this would be April's back-breaking straw. Instead, after two strips of turmoil, it's suddenly like just any other day. And I guess we're never going to see Liz's reaction to Jim's misfortune.