September 30th, 2006

Sunday, October 1

Panel 1: Ah, the Patterson grandspawn. Robin has a weirdly adult face. But it's good to see him walking upright, like he's his real age instead of an enternal infant.

Panel 2: Whoa. For a second there, I honestly thought that was April; the back of his hair looks like a ponytail.

Panel 3: Either Merrie has acquired about five years' growth, or Robin has shrunk. This reminds me of the Gilligan's Island episode where Gilligan dreamed he was Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk, and they brought in Bob Denver's five-year-old son so Alan Hale would really look like a giant, chasing him around.

Panel 4: What in the heck is Merrie doing? And is Mike morphing into a giant slug from the waist down?

Panel 5: I get it. We're going to recycle a Sunday strip from years ago, when Mike an' Lizzie were roughly 12 and 7.

Panel 6: Except this is worse: all four fingers instead of just one.

Panel 7: Oh no. Oh don't you start being exasperated. And I guess this is not going to be a repeat, because in the previously mentioned strip, Mike's remorse exceeded Elizabeth's physical pain.

Panel 8: Why does Merrie look like Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls? Though I wouldn't be surprised if she does end up on the pole someday.

Panel 9: Okay, so she's hurt, and she's venting. Why are the Kelpfroths not banging on the ceiling? Well, partly because, as someone noted the other day, they really don't do it that often. But if I were them, I'd start thinking about calling CPS. The amount of screeching and yowling heard from this apartment would be worrisome.

Panel 10: Okay, I'll give him points for not handing Merrie over to Deanna. Still, what a nothing of a punchline. And there's Robin looking like April again.