September 27th, 2006

Thursday, September 28

Panel 1: Okay, who's speaking, and why so formally? When someone is rushed to the hospital, the usual greeting is "Is he okay?" or "What did the doctors say?" or "I came as soon as I heard*" or something along those lines. "How is your dad, Elly?" sounds like "I haven't seen him in a while; what's he up to?" Jeez, this is not a social call!

Panel 2: Now that's good. I don't mind exposition, if it's in the context of taking April seriously. I can't tell what Iris is doing, though: yawning? Muffling a sob?

Panel 3: Oh man. If she's talking in terms of "damage" rather than "pulls through or not", we're in for a long haul of Jim being rehabbed and

Panel 4: Yep. But I wonder what would have come after that ellipsis. I hope we're not going to have a sequence where April encourages him to try playing his guitar or harmonica again.

Panel 5: Well done, LJ and Lynnions. That is a brilliant stand-alone panel. Except...John's mind is a blank. Perhaps he's pondering the fact that nobody gives much of a hoot about HIS dad.

*One of my mom's pet peeves. She says she hears it a lot on TV shows, and it bugs her, because "Of course nobody's going to say 'I just got home from work and I got the message on my machine, then I nuked a hot pocket and changed clothes and told my oldest he was in charge until I got back and I had to stop for gas and got lost on the way to the hospital...' Even though they probably DID do all that!"