September 24th, 2006

Monday, September 25

Panel 1: Aw, jeez. Points to whoever predicted an Elly at the bookstore arc. For a second, I thought Moira was holding a giant lobster, then I realized it's three teddy bears -- aren't they cute? And Elly continues to boggle my mind. If she likes old times so much, why didn't she keep the bookstore, or at least stay on as regular staff? Oh right: it's the FOOB syndrome, where you can only appreciate something when you don't have it.

Panel 2: Mira is terribly foreshortened. Between the perspective, the jumper and the hairstyle, she looks 10. And is that exposition? I mean, why would Mira care if Elly is going right home or not? Is Jim about to have a crisis?

Panel 3: Well, that was quick. Is the prime rib on fire, or does that swirl represent scent, not heat? Now I could go for some prime rib.

Panel 4: Yeah, I know the feeling!

Panel 5: Oh, come ON. It can't be that strong. It looks like Elly already had prime rib, if you know what I mean.

Sigh. So the Becky arc just sits there -- we're meant to conclude that she's a raging egotist and April is well rid of her -- and now on to Elly's Retirement. The characters are all leading separate lives, and that's why the strip is so schizophrenic. But at least it's not the Delicate Genius. That'll probably be next week. When we get fed up, that's when we'll get the trial (and it better take place on screen!).