September 23rd, 2006

Sunday, September 24

I have to say that this is a really good strip! Not just because of the artwork, the lack of puns, or the fact that we're seeing Paul and Liz together and affectionate. First of all, it's the kind of thing Cookie Monster and I would do, and have done, so it gives me the warm fuzzies. And second, this gives me a sudden, desperate hope that Paul might be The One after all. So much has been made of Liz's profile stating that she wants to marry "a guy like Dad!". Long ago, before John was assimilated by his trains, he and little Lizzie did used to hang out together like this (though without the PDA). I can't see Granthony putting aside his angst long enough for this kind of excursion, so hopefully this is a big point in Paul's favor.

So that frees me up to address another matter.

I established this community for people who want to snark on For Better or For Worse. Posters are free to express any opinion, pro as well as con, on the content of the strip, the artwork, the underlying message, the characters, the creators, and the official site. Notice that I said favorable opinions are welcome. I do not wish FOOBiverse to be the obverse of certain other sites, with only negative comments being welcome here, as only positive comments seem to be welcome there. I have never, and will never, censure any poster for expressing any opinion about FBOFW.

However, I will not tolerate personal attacks on posters or their posting style, nor attempts to stir up strife between posters. I am appalled at the tone of certain posts that have been made today, mostly under cover of anonymity. We are not here to war with each other. Snark away, but do not direct it at other posters.