September 21st, 2006

Friday, September 22

Panel 1: Wow, they're continuing this? I figured today and tomorrow would be filler strips of April at home, interacting with the pets or something. Anyway, I'm not as surprised that Becky wants to sit with April as that April has an empty seat next to her. I would have figured Gerald would be there. (I was going to say Eva, but if she and Duncan are an item, then she would be with him. And as I've said before, I never understood why it was such a major dis for Becky to tell April she was saving a seat for Jeffo, when surely April had saved a seat for Gerald many times.)

Panel 2: Okay, first, who's "everyone"? I thought Becky had a retinue. Oh, but wait: those people aren't "real". Second, shut up April. It sounds like she does have a lot of pressure on her, and what you read as prima-donnaesque may simply be exhausted confusion.

Panel 3: Well, I can see that. And fifteen-year-old girls in general are not known for their clearly-defined, unshakeable sense of self.

Panel 4: Well, yeah. But I just know the next panel is going to be some glurge about responsibility to the people who really care about you. Also, I don't like the way April is staring straight ahead while Becky looks beseechingly at her.

Panel 5: Crap. They had such a good case for Becky, and then they had to bring the hammer down. I guess they have no plans to redeem her.

Really, why even bring this up? Hopefully this will close the book on Becky, because I'm sick of hearing how awful she supposedly is.