September 18th, 2006

Tuesday, September 19

Panel 1: Meow, meow, meow. Why is it okay for April and her pals to talk smack, but not Becky? And Becky has the Swollen Lips of Beauty. Are the closed eyes supposed to indicate snobbery, boredom, depression or hangover? And one of her companions looks like an older Shannon. Oh, and someone forgot the H in Rebeccah.

Panel 2: The guy who may or may not be checking out Becky looks like a Picasso. I wonder if Eva knows that Becky's absence is the reason she gets to be April's friend?

Panel 3: Uh, she can hear you, April. Yeah, I know, it's supposed to be for her own good; whatever. Anyway, you said she was "history" well before her music was on the radio. Really, you're the reason the friendship is over.

Panel 4: Well, I'm torn between disapproving of how easily Eva falls in line with the Becky Is Evil propaganda, and approving of how her remark is independent of April's comment, and not a pun. That said, I'm not sure what she's getting at. Would Becky's head be heavier because it's supposedly so large, or lighter because it's inflated, or because there's not as much in it as in Eva's or April's?

Overall, though, I don't know why LJ can't let this go. It's hypocritical, really, seeing as how she didn't get where she is by being humble. We get it already. We get all of it. Becky is evil, Mira is evil, the Kelpfroths are evil, Therese is evil. Can we just get to the trial already? Because I CAN get behind Howard being evil, even despite the fact that he'll be the impetus for Liz + Granthony 4-Evah.

No Shannon in sight, though. In a way that's a good thing, but in a way, not, because now that April has Eva to stroke her ego, Shannon presumably gets to pound sand. If anyone's a user, it's April.