September 17th, 2006

Monday, September 18

"Quotes": One. "An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Aw, phooey. I wanted to stick with Liz! Hopefully she'll be back in October when the trial starts (and we'd BETTER see that in the strip). Anyway, so Liz is making April's lunches? That's nice of her, though I wonder why April is okay with it when she resented Connie's pseudo-parenting so much, and she's stated that she wants Liz to stay out of her business. And when did Mira enroll at R. P. Boire?

Panel 2: I'm giving the benefit of the doubt that it's the colorists' misguided choice to give Eva white hair. But I don't understand why she's at the end of the table. In my HS, that spot was Siberia, and would never be occupied if there were empty spaces elsewhere at the table, as there are now. And that apple is very poorly drawn. Admittedly, I can't draw for a plugged nickel, but can't everyone who can draw, draw fruit?

Panel 3: Well, that is good. A sure way to make this situation worse would be for Elly and John to take sides, instead of letting them settle things like adults, as April should learn to be and Liz supposedly is. But here comes Eva, ready to steer April away from acceptance! This is surprising to me, though; is Eva another oops baby?

Panel 4: Yeah, good question. And I wonder how John and Elly would have reacted if April had said that. Probably offered to help her pack.

Panel 5: Well, another punchline I don't get. Except that it sounds like some kind of lame sitcom irony. What-evah (and Eva).

Overall, I don't know where this is going. It could lead to April analyzing Liz's situation, and asking (maybe even asking her directly) WHY she moved back south, and back home. Or it could segue into more band stuff, or Becky-bashing. At any rate, it wouldn't surprise me if it was just filler to last us until the trial, and some kind of resolution with Liz/Paul/Anthony.