September 16th, 2006

Sunday, September 17

Panel 1: Okay, that's odd. LJ rarely makes the panel walls tangible; in fact, this may be the first time. Except, if April's shoe is bouncing off the top of the panel, how is her head poking through it? And based on Edgar's swish marks, was she trying to kick him before he jumped out of the way?

Panel 2: See, this is why people keep saying April is 12.

Panel 3: Okay, we get it. Now, based on the stack of schoolbooks, it would appear April has just come home from school, so why isn't she in uniform? Or did she go to screaming out of rhythm band practice immediately after school?

Panel 4-6: Yeek! For a second, I thought that was Elly! Then I noticed the absence of a potato nose. And have we ever seen an angry sticky-outy tongue before? That said, I feel April's pain, although for me, this didn't really start happening until junior year. But perhaps R.P. Boire is more intense than my hick high school.

Panel 7: Jeez, another April-is-a-baby hug. Still, I envy her, having a sister who listens and tries to give advice, instead of shrieking that she has her own problems and why am I bothering her.

Panel 8: My god, April looks like a troll. What's her problem? And that's definitely a Mike face on Liz.

Panel 9: Yeah, like I said. Jeez.

Panel 10: So what does that mean? Her advice sucks, or that it's meaningless on account of Liz being a teacher, which means she assigns homework for the sheer, sadistic joy of it? AND WHAT HAS APRIL DONE TO DESERVE SO MUCH FUGLY?! Not only does she lose a foot in height, she's got a pig nose, a red face, sticky-outy ears, and the recurring bad-person teeth. Why do they hate her so?