September 15th, 2006

Saturday, September 16

First up, I have to address something. I totally misinterpreted Thursday's strip. In the background of the last panel, there's a sewing machine, which indicates that Liz is in the guest room/sewing room, not the kitchen. So her phone convo was private. It was the wall phone that threw me; I don't believe I've ever seen a wall phone in a bedroom; only kitchens, and maybe rooms like rec rooms. But not upstairs.

Panel 1: So there's Deanna and Robin, out of no-freakin'-where! You know, I really am having a hard time reminding myself that these strips are submitted in advance, and not tweaked to immediately respond to our comments. I assume that's reflected light on the counter, not spilled milk, but they really need to stop that.

Anyway. Liz, HOW did you make the right decision? Seriously. What has happened since you left that made it worth it to leave? You don't like where you're living, you don't seem crazy about your job, and you're stressing about having to testify. And how much are you missing Paul, really? And what did you think would HAPPEN when you went back down south?

Panel 2: Huh. Is he really trying to get the transfer, or is he just saying it to shut her up? And since Liz doesn't live in Toronto proper, how much difference would that make? She's still have to, you know, drive to see him, and we know that going out of her way for people is not her bag.

Panel 3: Which you created. Well, to be fair, it was kind of a long-distance relationship even before you left Mtig. But you put even more distance between yourself and Paul...why, exactly? And stop doing that palm-to-chest-open-mouth routine! And isn't Robin too old to be held in that position?

Panel 4: Mike, stop punning. Liz, stop overreacting. Nice foreshadowing, though. And seriously, some psychologist once said that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is weak at best, because that would mean that the perfect relationship is between people who never see each other. Oh wait...

Panel 5: Now, what the hey is that supposed to mean? ISTR that Mike was apprehensive when Deanna went on her mission, and probably would have slugged anyone who even hinted that Dee might stray during that time. So why is he laughing now? And they both look like totally different people in this panel.

I can only hope that they stay on this for another week. SHOW US a convo between Liz and Paul, have her admit that she did NOT do the right thing in moving south, and resolve it one way or another. If this is an attempt to create conflict, it is a poor one. They seem to be semaphoring that Paul is about to transfer (heh) his affections, so get it over with already. But I'm sick of Liz being portrayed as a victim of circumstances beyond her control.

Also, it's freaky how Deanna's hair changes in every panel, and that she looks so stunned in panel 2 for no apparent reason. I understand her being in the foreground of panel 3, though: it's to make room for Liz's huge text block. Also also, Liz's ear is roughly the size of an elephant's in panel 4. And in panel 1, I thought she was standing behind a chair. Is she wearing wide pants, or a baggy skirt?