September 13th, 2006

Thursday, September 14

Panel 1: :::Cookie falls on her knees::: HALLELUJAH! SHE'S MENTIONING PAUL! Oh man, this is like when I finished my workout earlier this evening, and plain ol' water, which I normally scorn, tasted sooooooo good!

But is she hanging up the phone after talking to him, or is she about to call him? And why does she appear to be cringing and looking away from the phone? Does it cause her distress to talk to him, or think about talking to him? And doesn't Shiimsa look cute? (Seriously, she does!)

Panel 2: Whoa, at first glance, I thought she was swatting the cat away! But Shiimsa's leaping out of her grasp, looking very cartoony. Wonder why? I also wonder why that sideboard is in the middle of the room. Nobody wants to see the back of those things.

Panel 3: Oh for crying out loud. Liz is just not meant to be owned by a cat. She also runs like a spaz.

Panel 4: Oh christ, not another ass shot. That's why I work out, so I don't end up looking like that.

Panel 5: Now you're getting it!

Man, what a tease, though. Okay, we know Paul is still in a tiny little corner of the picture. I'd still like to know what they talked about. At this rate, he could slip away the same way Rhetta did, with Liz telling April that Chipper answered the phone at Paul's place, and c'est la vie. Not enough, Lynnions; not enough.