September 12th, 2006

Wednesday, September 13

Panel 1: Cripes, I knew April would be the one to point out the obvious. They're making Shannon look analytical compared to her. And as others have said, Liz won't have to "sit through" the trial at all. She'll give her testimony and that's it. The only "sitting" she'll be doing is out in the hall waiting for Granthony to finish his testimony. Which of course she will choose to do. Hey, that's means she'll finally be waiting for him!

In other news, April rocks that pedal-pusher/sleeveless top ensemble, even if she does look somewhat Growing Up Skipper around the shoulders, while Liz has serious mom-butt. And why are they doing dishes by hand, when there's a dishwasher right there?

Panel 2: Well, thank heavens someone is striving for accuracy. April's hair looks like a beaver's tail. Heh, I said beaver.

Panel 3: "Hey, mom, I'm pushing Anthony, like you told me to! Can you untie Butterscotch now?"

Panel 4: Jeezus, those LIPS! I never look at the strip on the official site if I can help it, and I won't be looking at this strip. I cringe in anticipation of the blinking. Anyway, what is it she can't stop thinking about? What Howard did, or Anthony and how he makes her heart go pit-a-pat? AWISGTTHAP?

And the main thing is, it aggravates me that this trial is being treated as a device to get Liz and Granthony together, the same way the going-after was. I had thought, briefly, when Liz was showing some anger and bitterness, that LJ might be acknowledging the harm she did last year by treating the assault so lightly. But today's strip seems to confirm that the focus is still on Liz struggling to resist Granthony, and the going-after is still incidental to that. And that's just wrong.