September 11th, 2006

Tuesday, September 12

Panel 1: Identical stances again. And I realize Gordon has been letting Granthony basically set his own hours since li'l Frenchie was born, but is he really going to need more than a day? Oh right: he'll need the rest of the week to rent the white horse, book the cottage by the sea...

Panel 2: Deanna lips again. And they're going to say, "Okay, your subpoena says October 6th. That's a Thursday, so have your lesson plan ready for the sub, and we'll see you on Friday the 7th."

Panel 3: Now, what does he mean, "for her sake"? Is he underscoring how much he cares about her? Or is he implying that he wishes his heroism hadn't come at such a price? And I wonder who's being concerned for the "other women" Howard has "done worse things to." And Liz says wishing never changes anything, while she has her eyes closed as if she IS wishing.

Panel 4: If only we could be sure that that thought balloon means he accepts it! Meanwhile, Liz looks really odd. Her eyes, nose and mouth make her look like Kate Winslet, but her profile is really short, and her hand, which looks like a man's, is in a weird position. Is she checking to see if she has a wattle?

I really, really don't like this. It angers and frustrates me that Liz has not said one damn word about Paul. This convo is like he doesn't exist, and all Liz has in the world is Anthony. The whole thing is orchestrated to make him look like the hero. He'll do whatever it takes to be at the trial for her, while Paul the Jerk isn't even trying to get transferred to Milborough, or whatever it would take to impress Liz. I wish (ha!) I knew what led to the decision to do this. Not revisiting the going-after; I understand that. But bringing Granthony back into the picture, AFTER Elly pimped Liz to Mr. Wright, and he (Paul) was portrayed as so perfect and devoted. If it's just to create conflict, they could have had conflict back in December by making the Warren vs. Paul decision more of a nailbiter. Instead, we're about to see Liz so overwhelmed that Granthony is the only person on earth who can restore her sanity. And if she's that weak, I don't care if she's happy or not.