September 10th, 2006

Monday, September 11

:::moment of silence:::

Okay, on to the strip.

Panel 1: Ah, jeez. Tinker to Evers to Chance. ETAAgain: And it was pointed out on ARB that if this is still the same day, Liz apparently changed clothes, put her contacts in and made her face up, just in time for Anthony's visit. Hm.

Panel 2: Aw, look how their heads are tilted towards each other! Hearts hearts hearts! ETA: And I hate to say it, but I can almost see where Liz would be justified in breaking up with Paul. Because this is going to stir up some bad memories, and since Anthony was there (even if he was a selfish git who went ahead and dumped his problems on her as scheduled) and she didn't even know Paul, Anthony's the natural confidant. However, that doesn't mean Liz ALWAYS has to go for the safe, the mundane, and the easy.

Panel 3: Well, to be fair, that is one reason why women often don't press charges: they don't want to relive what happened. But what does Howard having done worse things to other women have to do with it? Will she have to be there for the whole trial, and hear other testimony? I really don't know, so I'm asking. And who wants to bet that Anthony will vow to make it as not-unpleasant as he can?

Panel 4: Dang it! What IS it with Foobians NEVER SAYING WHAT THEY THINK?! Anthony is the last person who would disagree with her, so why can't she say it out loud? That said, I like how Anthony says what he says without an exclamation point, indicating that he's not saying it out of rash anger, but as a reflection of a general world view. Perhaps he's more caring than I've been giving him credit for, not just where Liz, his "something worth fighting for," is concerned.

Overall, I can see that the exposition is necessary, because we already know that there are people who don't remember Howard, or didn't see the relevant strips. And I'm glad they're saying "attacked" instead of the maddening "gone after". But I hope Liz is not going to continue in this vein of "Ooh, it's going to be unpleasant." Maybe it's just me, but I firmly believe that if you're talking about someone who has "done worse things to other women", then you should do what needs to be done, no matter how "unpleasant", for the sake of future potential victims.

And I wonder how detailed the trial is going to be. I'm not looking forward to seeing Liz's character assassinated, but it would be realistic: that does happen a lot.

Where were you? What was your day like? What changed because of it?

Well, we all know what day it is. And since it's been five years, if anyone would like to share recollections, this is the thread. I'll start:

--I'm on the west coast, so I was asleep when it happened. I probably would have found out from my east coast in-laws calling, except my husband had to leave for work early that morning. At the time, we had a neighbor who rarely closed his blinds. Cookie Monster wondered why the guy was watching "Die Hard" so early in the morning, and the guy saw him looking, went to the window and filled him in on what had happened thus far. (Both towers had been hit but were still standing.) So he came back and woke me up.

--We kept watching until the first tower fell, then he really had to leave. I sat stunned on the couch until the second tower fell (I can still hear the newscaster fall silent, then after a long pause say, "There are no words.") then I HAD to have a cigarette. I went out to the smoke shop, and while waiting for it to open, hung out in the bagel shop with the Jims and Irises and listened to their anecdotes about Pearl Harbor and JFK. On my way back, I stopped to vote. Danged if I can remember what was being voted on, but the polling place was a fire station. And those guys were LIVID, as you might imagine. And later that night, I made pancakes.

--What changed? Well, I'm sorry to say that since I'm in CA, not a whole lot. No direct personal impact. I haven't flown since then, but I probably wouldn't have anyway. Basically, just my worldview changed, but that's probably the case with almost everyone.