September 9th, 2006

Sunday, September 10

Panel 1: Ah, another Grampa strip.

Panel 2: He likes being at the helm of that Hubmobile! Personally, I'm glad he can enjoy something.

Panel 3: Going to the Megalomart, I see. Wonder how well that Hupmobile corners.

Panel 4: Okay, shirts. Is Iris choosing for him, or does he get to choose and she just pulls it off the shelf?

Panel 5: Oh, jeez, that chin is going to give me nightmares.

Panel 6: Don't they have shopping carts in the Megalomart?

Panel 7: Oh, come ON. Now it's really time to get a separate cart.

Panel 8: So now she's ringing up?

Panel 9: Then what's in those sacks? And this is not funny anymore, assuming it was. He can't even see! So now, the tiny bit of dignity he had left will be taken away by Iris having to navigate for him.

Panel 10: Oh, very funny.

Panel 11: "Hello, Ontario Social Services? I'd like to report a case of elder abuse."

Really, Lynnions. Why keep Jim alive just so his last years can be so miserable? I know a way you could make Jim Sunday strips interesting: Have him tell a story in flashback, to April, for instance. Reminisce about his time in the service, maybe. It would be especially appropriate this weekend. Or, if it has to be a Megalomart strip, have him be active instead of the butt, like have him amazed that there are forty-million different kinds of potato chips. Just stop emasculating him already!