September 8th, 2006

Saturday, September 9

Panel 1: April, April, April. Don't you think it should work both ways -- you stay out of Liz's business if you want her to stay out of yours? Not that you should be stonewalled, of course. But perhaps you should phrase it more like you were concerned: "You okay, Liz? Was that bad news?" Then again, this panel is probably just a device to define "subpoena" for those who don't already know what one is.

Panel 2: More infodumping! Yes, if, like you don't go, you'll be, like, totally held in contempt of court an' stuff. And that is so totally not hot.

Panel 3: Still, kudos to April for finally calling it an ATTACK! No, wait: Liz called it that too, right before she told Elly she burned the butt off the casserole.

Panel 4: Huh. So perhaps we will see grim reality, with Howard getting off on a technicality, or being found guilty but not serving time. Actually, this might be a very oblique reference to Liz's emotional fallout from the going-after, and the fact that Howard going to prison won't really make up for that anyway. But if he's deterred, one way or another, from harassing/stalking/attacking other women, then that's good, in the long run.

Anyway, I hold out hope that a) this will carry over to next week and b) it'll be more about the justice system than about Liz reuniting with Granthony. But we'll see.