September 7th, 2006

Friday, September 8

Panel 1: Bunt? BUNT? Quick now: did he have a last name before? Between calling him Howard Erk and Howard Kelpfroth, I haven't retained any other name that might have been given him. Liz looks really different. And I have to say, I like the look. She's not impossibly demure; she looks...pulled together, like a young woman I used to work with who totally rocked the glasses-and-linen-suit image.

Panel 2: Sigh. So we're retconning the retcons. Those young women "came forward" before last October, according to the letters. And do people really get "kept under surveillance" for a going-after? Was Agent Cooper sitting in an unmarked van outside his house? And how do the surveillance and the coming-forward support each other? And isn't Liz the tiniest bit upset to be reminded of this?

Panel 3: Why is Liz holding the paper at an angle? Who configured the cop's words so that "to" has to be on a line by itself? Are subpoenas normally delivered by uniformed officers? Who will be the first person Liz calls when the guy leaves?

Panel 4: See, here we go again. Professionals feeling Pattersons' pain. And Everybody Hates Howard, except Liz, who tries to see the good in people.

Panel 5: Now I'm really confused. It sounds as if, when Liz filed a report, Howard had a clean record, otherwise he would have been arrested right then. And that the going-after was not an arrestable offense in itself. (Would it be?) So why is the cop so triumphant? And why does Liz have the gobsmacked look again? But at least she's not giggling into her hand.