September 4th, 2006

September retcons, take 2

Elly: Sigh. I knew she'd be pulled back to the bookstore, now that she doesn't HAVE to be there. Bet she puts in more hours as an employee than she did as owner. At least she's accepted Moira's changes as improvements. And I'll also bet that this is stuff Moira suggested years ago, that Elly pooh-poohed.

More dead friends? I still refuse to accept that John and Elly are that old. Shoot, my mom's in her seventies, and only one of her bridge club pals has passed on so far! Of course, my dad is the only surviving spouse of that group, but still.

Liz will be back and that's great. April will be back and that means a mess. Great. But thank god Liz will be paying rent.

And see? People over 50 can still be active, and take vacations other than lolling around a Mexican beach resort! And since when does Mike have theater connections? Oh right: he's a Patterson.

John: Okay, you said WE. What of it?

Dude, there's a reason why teenagers don't want to acknowledge their parents. They are trying to establish their own identity. Their peers WILL judge them if they seem too symbiotic with their parents. That's the way it is. Pushy parents are as bad as attention-grabbing toddlers: in both cases, they interfere with the other person's socializing. Deal with it.

And wouldn't it be great if we did get to see that showdown? Though I'm not sure it's because April wants or needs to be number ONE. More like, she doesn't want to be treated like number two. (I slay me!)

And yeah, Apes brought news about your family, which you couldn't be bothered to gather yourself. And the farm is a grain farm? Why didn't we ever see April riding the tractor, then? That's a Patterson rite of passage!

And I actually can't snark on him for the train trip through Europe ambition; that does sound interesting. Though I'll be astounded if Elly lets him do it.

Liz: Oh, now it's 16 KM. Ooooo-kay. And she's planning to visit Paul on weekends? Let's see if the strip and letters end up synchronizing.

And she's looking for an IDEAL place to rent. But living with mummy and daddy saves her from having to do research. In other words, she'll stay put until someone or something gives her a push. And yes, your friends have moved on. Why don't you make new ones, huh?

Oh right: it's because you can't connect with people. You're always hung up on people being "acquaintances". Why can't you appreciate people for who they are, not what they give to you?

And she's sent stuff to Jesse, but Marg replies on his behalf? Odd. And gee, I WONDER if you'll have another like him. He was a pain in the rear at times, but I know I really got through to him which is the joy in being a teacher! And there you have it: she enjoys being pushed around, and thinks she can change people. And speaking of being pushed around, don't you think maybe Shiimsa hating to move so much is indicative of something?

April: And like your sister, you have a small core group of friends from which you will never stray, unless someone pushes themself on you, like Eva did. You're worse than a Heather, you know that?

I am glad Laura brought that up, about having to be willing to do ALL the tasks. And it sounds like April just might be up to all the studying. Let's hope her parents don't make it more difficult than they did for her siblings.

And we get an explanation about the rooms. And I'm totally with you, girl: don't give an inch! It was Liz's choice to crawl back into the womb. Besides, the way she goes on, just having hot and cold running water should be rewarding.

And I see what people are getting at: April might be into Duncan. This would be an interesting love quadrangle, if LJ wanted to pursue it. And I STILL wonder what she sees in Gerald. Except that it's the First Love axiom.

Mike: That's weird. Why can't Deanna be there for Merrie's first school day? Oh right: because she has to work ALL the time because they're SO poor.

And Mike so wants Weed. And he's all jealous: Weed spends so much time working, and Carleen is always around for some reason. And of COURSE Weed's Patterson association has paid off!

And that writer/to write comparison is just weak. That said, I do know what he means about always having the story on his mind. Last night, Cookie Monster and I were talking about Steve Irwin :( and I wondered aloud if I should remove an oblique reference to him in my story. (Didn't mention the name; just had someone using an Aussie accent while handling an animal.) CM rolled his eyes and said, "I knew somehow, some way, you were going to bring this back to your book!" Anyway, I decided to leave it in, since Irwin is still an iconic figure, whether alive or dead. (I still can't believe he died!)

Anyway, Sheilagh. She and Harvey (he has a name!) are poooooooooooor. And their house is falling apart. And he led Sheilagh on with promises of undying love that he's not about to deliver on. And I bet we're supposed to take this as a direct contrast to Mike's marriage, like Lucy wearing a witch mask in the Peanuts Halloween special. And Elly is "helping" and Deanna is "understanding." I think my eyes just fell out.

And yeah, I remembered references to Lovey's husband still being alive. I WONDER why she's out and about so much, while he never goes anywhere. And the lamp stories. Gee, who knew it would relate directly to Mike? And he ends the letter with a WEED reference, not a DEANNA reference. Just come out already!

Deanna: See? See how much she cares about her kids? See how many responsibilities she has? And Mike just sighs and muses about brass lamps.

The Olds: So Jim's got his own scooter now. It's really depressing, knowing that LJ won't kill him off, so we have to watch him get more and more decripit. Let him retain some dignity, for potato's sake! Oh, and "computational device"? Ha ha.

Pets: Gee, Mike was a dick to April when she talked about career ambitions. What a surprise.

Tuesday, September 5

Panel 1: So we're going to see her on the job. I wonder if there will be any mention of how different this school is from the Mtig school. Although as far as that goes, initially, the Mtig school didn't seem any different from the schools the Pattersons attended. It wasn't until, I think, last academic year that LJ started pounding it into our heads that "This is a Native school! It's not only difficult to do anything conventional, it's actually WRONG! Because these kids are NATIVE and they're so DIFFERENT!"

Panel 2: Ah, a video! Wonder how well that will go over: showing a video almost right off the bat. But as far as that goes, shouldn't she first introduce herself and take attendance? She just jumps right into a lesson with no preamble? And is this a one-class-all-day system, or is she just the geography teacher? Perhaps the question is a way of gauging how much they know, but it just seems odd for her to say, "Before we start..." And she looks really odd here, like a Gibson girl.

Panel 3: Oh lord, is she about to give a speech about how different Mtig was? It was a rhetorical question, you bimbo.

Panel 4: Why did I ask.

Panel 5: See, that's something that I don't believe was ever brought up in Mtig: how woefully underfunded Native schools are. (Or was it? By all means correct me if necessary.) And that's compared to how underfunded schools are in general. And I bet in Glenallen, the parents don't all pitch in to fix a leak in the roof. And I hope that guy's response is not meant to paint him as greedy and not appreciating what he has and so forth.