September 3rd, 2006

Monday, September 4

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: So here she is. Man, she's got a lot of junk, and it appears that a lot of it wasn't even put in boxes, since it's now strewn on the floor or couch in the living room. So how does that reconcile with this quote from the August letter? "I won't be in this apartment for very long, so the vast majority of my stuff is stored in my parents' basement. This apartment was furnished, so all I had to bring along was my clothes, my computer, my teaching materials and whatever else I couldn't live without for a few months, which isn't much."

She does look cute in shorts, though. Partly, I suspect, because this strip is not colorized on Yahoo!, so there's no distraction of the shorts being puce or avacado.

Panel 2: Shiimsa's lurking and observing, much the same way Edgar was in the first panel. I wonder how all this affects her?

Panel 3: Man, what is it with this chick? Why does she always claim that decisions are made for her, and that she's not comfortable with them? Oh right: it's fate/faith. And I'm fed up with how things are always either strange or amazing. To paraphrase Neal Page, "Everything is not an epiphany!" ETA: And what are we looking at here? Huddled on the bed, cringing and clutching a this the first stage of agoraphobia?

Panel 4: Elly says "an'"? And I like Liz's pretty, pouty lips. Just right for a little doll with no will of her own.

Panel 5: Uh...okay. Even her shadow has shrunk. And "girls" does not include Shiimsa, not that it should, but that was my immediate reaction when I saw Liz holding her female cat in the previous panel.